Anthony's Story

Anthony Bauer is the primary grower and owner of Australian Organic Farmers and Lockyer Valley Organics. He is a 5th generation farmer with his family first establishing farming land in the Lockyer Valley in 1885 and has been growing organic produce for the last 30 years. 

“I grew up on the farm watching conventional methods being used. Crops were being sprayed with chemicals daily to stop insects, fungal disease and weeds from destroying the crop. But for me, it was the fact that the soil was like cement. It was hard and lifeless, just a medium to hold up the plant. Outside of the growing paddocks the soil was completely different. It had a different smell, structure and there were living insects and worms. Organic farming is important to me because it is the right way to farm - it encourages life from the soil through to the plate”. - Anthony Bauer

Australian Organic Farmers was born from a passion to share “organic” with others. We believe in the power of organic and the positive change it can have on our land and people’s lives. So we built a company that unified a network of organic growers to pack, market and share their organic produce locally.


Every farmer in the Australian Organic Farmers family see their produce as an extension of themselves. This is crucially important as it encapsulates the passion and devotion that goes into every crop.


We live the land so you can live your healthiest life possible in a country full of life.

More About us

What we do

Simply put, we collaborate with organic farmers around Australia to grow, package and distribute fresh produce nationwide. But like most things, there is so much more to it.

We build relationships with incredible like-minded organic farmers. These relationships are built on an underlying purpose that drives us all to observe, learn and grow together.

Why we do it

We believe in supporting the Australian farmers that are supporting Australia’s future generations. Through storing and cycling carbon in soils, creating biodiversity and growing incredibly nutritious fruit and vegetables.


Throughout the year we work with our growers to program a seasonal harvest of fruit and vegetables from all over Australia. Because of the diverse climates across our vast nation, we can grow the majority of our produce in season, throughout the year.

Some of the produce we currently supply are avocado, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, celery, ginger, onions, potato and sweet potato.